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Design to Make Your Big Cheque Stand Out


Whether you need a large cheque for a corporate event or charity cheque to make a donation, you need to make sure your big cheque looks as impactful as possible.

Many elements affect how your cheque looks – including colour scheme, fonts, size and logos – and at Big Cheques we believe in making things as easy as possible for you so here are a few simple tips to help you on your way.

Cheque Size

It goes without saying that when it comes to ‘Big Cheques’ we truly believe that bigger is better!

This is why our cheque sizes are carefully selected to ensure you make an impact when your cheque is presented.

From our smallest, right up to supersize we know that with our help your cheque will steal the attention whatever the event. You can see sizes of our cheques shown to size in our handy online cheque size guide.


In our expert opinion your logo should take pride of place in the top left hand corner.

The eye is naturally drawn to this position and you want your logo(s) to be the first thing people look at. From a design point of view this is the perfect place to promote your business or charity.

Some customers need more than one logo on their cheque and some even have many and we understand that finding space and ensuring they all look their best can cause a headache so try prioritising these  in order of importance if necessary and this will greatly help along the way.

Always remember that your cheque is intended to grab attention and promote so less is more! One logo looks great, two or three can be fine… but anything more and it’ll start to get messy and lose impact!

Colour Scheme

Colour will obviously play a part in the overall look and feel of your cheque.

So whether it be a corporate design to match your brand identity or a bright attention grabbing charity cheque, colour is an important element of the overall cheque design.

In our experience, if you are choosing a standard cheque ‘off the shelf’ option then the colours on offer are flexible enough to meet many objectives.

However, if you’re looking for a fully customisable cheque the world is your oyster! Along with some pre-designed options we’ve provided for ease, you can also select or provide your own colour scheme.

If you’re doing this, a great starting point is your logo(s). Our design experts are here to help so don’t worry – we make this really easy and take the inspiration from your logo to set the tone for your cheque. Considering your logo allows us to deliver a stylish final look.

Font Choice

You can select font(s) on our fully customisable cheques too which allows you to further customise your finished cheque.

The look and feel you wish to create determines how our design team go about producing your very special, unique cheque.

Choosing your font is part of this, the options available cover many popular choices – from standard or script, traditional to modern and handwritten to cartoon but if you have something else in mind or have a specific corporate typeface you wish to use – our designers will help so you get the best possible outcome for your cheque.

Whatever your need, whether it be a standard font mixed with handwritten font for a realistic touch, or the ever-popular cartoon font for an ‘in your face’ look – we really can do anything you need.


Need some inspiration?

Why not take a look at our online big cheque gallery to see what others have done.

If you remember these simple tips – and trust our highly experienced design team – we will work with you to ensure that you get the large presentation cheque that you’re after.

Give us a try, we’ve never been caught out with something we can’t do yet!

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