According to the report, three of the four shots were not fatal. [14][15], In 2002, filmmaker Nick Broomfield released a documentary, Biggie & Tupac, based on information from the book. Greg Kading: No, I never did actually. Wallace". Kevin McClure, who supervised the task force as head of the Robbery-Homicide Division, confirms that he got approval from LAPD brass to dismantle the team. Six months later, Bad Boy Entertainment rap star Christopher Wallace, best known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G., was shot to death in L.A. And maybe there was this lone Nation Of Islam guy, that Eugene Deal pointed out, that was acting as a spotter, or somehow tried to help coordinate it. We would ask, and if anybody tells us, Hey, it was David Mack, well we would immediately draft up a report, [and] wed give that to the Internal Affairs division, which was handling the lawsuit against the city. We wanted a million. In another stunning confession, detailed in LAPD documents reviewed by the Weekly, the mother of one of Knight's children, identified in Kading's book as Theresa Swann, breaks down in tears, stating that the former Death Row boss gave her the money to pay Wardell Poochie Fouse Knight's close associate and a fellow member of the Mob Piru Bloods to kill Smalls. ", "Sean Combs Ordered Tupac Murder: LA Cop:And Suge Knight had Biggie Smalls killed in revenge, says book by former LAPD detective", "Lawyer For Notorious B.I.G. Again, the defense attorney found out, and again, Wilson hammered Searight. Poochie was not a guy who was afraid to go out and pull the trigger. During the yearlong internal LAPD probe of his actions, Kading felt betrayed and heartbroken. officers (and affiliates of then CEO of Death Row Records, Marion Suge Knight) David Mack and Rafael Perez directed the godfather of Macks children, Amir Muhammad, in the shooting death of her son stemmed from initial investigating done by former L.A.P.D. After losing Biggie Smalls, he expanded his hip-hop empire newly titled Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide to encompass the film, restaurant and apparel industries. Amir Muhammad was a name actually, there was never an Amir Muhammads name, there was just an Amir, which was part of a clue given by a jailhouse informant named Michael Robinson. I had other cases: the Grim Sleeper, Michael Jackson. They had been shooting at each other, dealing drugs, stealing cars for their lives. Confidential? Greg Kading: Yeah, absolutely. Searight declined to comment to the Weekly. Voletta Wallace's attorney Sanders tells the Weekly that Kading's book does not meaningfully refute theories that corrupt LAPD cops were involved, and Sanders does not believe that alleged co-conspirators Swann, Knight and Poochie could have known Smalls was at the Petersen Automotive Museum party on the night he was gunned down. SpouseParentChildSiblingFamily memberOther, Sweet James has my permission to help provide a free police report, Tupac Shakur; Credit: PHOTO COPYRIGHT NEWSCOM, Ciel Spa aka @CielSpaBH located the SLS Hotel i, Welcoming over 100,000 people every year, what beg, The holiday season is a time of giving! Read 10 highlights from the Keffe D confessions. ", "Biggie Told Interviewer He Worried About Safety". Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person. L.A. Weekly has verified her identity as Knight's longtime lover and business associate but has chosen not to reveal her name. The consequences were also overshadowed by the benefit and reward in their minds.. After speaking with a handful of gang members, Philips wrote a 2002 front-page article accusing Biggie Smalls of paying the Crips $1 million to knock off his West Coast competition. DX: Okay. ", "Biggie kept saying: 'Is this where they dump the dead bodies?' . Including 662. . That expediency trumped everything, including the pledge to 'Protect and Serve' stenciled on the door of every black-and-white patrol car in the city.. They had been shooting at each other, dealing drugs, stealing cars for their lives. So much so, says Kading, that in July 2006 he was handpicked to lead the Biggie Smalls murder investigation. Wait a minute, I have a clue with a guy named Amir on it. It was a very loose connection. Suge is not an idiot, but a criminally sophisticated guy, "If you know someone is working with law enforcement and you go out and do something to them - who is their number one target now?". - also known as Biggie Smalls -was killed 25 years ago in a drive-by shooting, Greg Kading, a retired detective, lead an investigation into Biggie's murder, Suge Knight is currently serving 28 years for voluntary manslaughter in a separate case, Biggie was shot in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997, aged 24, Suge allegedly set up Biggie's murder in retaliation for his friend Tupac's death, Tupac was killed in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996, Funeral cars filled with floral tributes for Biggie in Brooklyn in a farewell drive-by, Former detective Kading does not believe the LAPD will ever close Biggie's case, 1996 murder of his money maker Tupac Shakur, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Voletta Wallace once told Rolling Stone that, before she learned of Detective Poole's conspiracy theory, I trusted the Los Angeles Police Department. So there were some problems in the development. He says his supervisors quietly informed him that he could take any assignment he wanted but was being removed from the Biggie Smalls murder case while a secret Internal Affairs investigation was conducted into his actions in the Numero Uno case. Kading planned to notify her last weekend that Murder Rap was going to print. She was just a train wreck, Detective Kading tells the Weekly. [12] The investigation stalled, however, and no one was ever formally charged. And, we were always recognizing because we had taken this to the federal investigative level including [having] the F.B.I. However, Kading and Daryn Dupree, an LAPD gang detective on the team, copied Swann's words in police journals. Swann Theresa is on Facebook. But investigators on the special task force determined early on that the two cases were as inseparable as the street-gang rivalries that ran through them. Find Teresa Swann's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. The informant tells his interrogators in plain language, albeit at a cool street clip, that Sean Combs then known as Puff Daddy, the ringmaster of Bad Boy Entertainment, Death Row Records' bitter cross-country rival commissioned Shakur's legendary murder in Vegas in September 1996. He became indispensable to the prosecution when he turned up two of Torres' associates, convicted criminals Derrick Smith and Raul Del Real, who were in prison and willing to testify. [16], Several days into the trial, the plaintiffs' attorney disclosed to the Court and opposing counsel that he had received a telephone call from someone claiming to be an LAPD officer and provided detailed information about the existence of evidence concerning the Wallace murder. In a 2002 book by Randall Sullivan, called LAbyrinth, information was compiled about the murders of Wallace and Shakur based on information provided by retired LAPD detective Russell Poole. The gang culture has no regard for the law. Greg Kading: Well, we dont know. Wallace cited that the reasons for the decision were not only the ongoing East CoastWest Coast hip hop feud and the murder of Tupac Shakur six months prior, but that security was simply a necessity for high-profile celebrity figures in general. They were the fruit of an intensive investigation by a special task force of LAPD officers plus agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation that had begun years earlier, in May 2006. In response, LAPD told The Sun: "The case is still open and Robbery and Homicide Division will not be commenting. Everybody that we would talk to and bring that up and ask those questions it was always the same answer: Well yeah How do you know? Well, its what I read in the newspaper. Well, why do you believe that? I read it in the newspaper. So everything about those guys was stuff that was hearsay information. DX: You believe he did the shooting himself? DX: Lastly in regards to the Biggie Smalls murder investigation, were you ever implicitly instructed by your superiors in the L.A.P.D. Suge is not an idiot, but a criminally sophisticated guy, "If you know someone is working with law enforcement and you go out and do something to them - who is their number one target now?". In the three years he worked that case, he was keeping tabs on Smith and Del Real in preparation for Torres' trial in 2009. There was a real possibility that the suit would end up being among the most expensive the department had ever had to pay out, Kading writes in Murder Rap. Theresa kept the remaining $12,000 for being a lookout to give info to Poochie of Biggie's location when he was leaving the party. Sitting in the backseat of the Cadillac, according to Keffe D, was his own nephew, Orlando Baby Lane Anderson, who got his ass kicked in the MGM Grand lobby earlier in the evening by Shakur's posse over a piece of Death Row bling that Baby Lane supposedly had stolen. Harry Billups) were originally named as defendants in the civil suit, but were dropped shortly before the trial began after the LAPD and FBI dismissed them as suspects. In 1974, at age 11 one year after Kading was at a party with his mother and accidentally ingested LSD in spiked punch his mother packed everything into a VW bus and headed south along the California coast toward Mexico. U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007. . [5] Wallace's entourage rushed him to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors performed an emergency thoracotomy, but he was pronounced dead at 1:15a.m. (PST) at the age of 24. Greg Kading: Yeah, and thisll probably sound a little bit suspicious to you, but working in these federal task forces all the different agencies have their own internal policies about interview protocol. Not only had the Shakur and Smalls investigations hit dead ends, he says, but McClure needed his elite detectives for more pressing matters. Greg Kading: We believe its a guy named Poochie, who was a Blood affiliate of Suge Knights. Kading's big break came in 2003, when he was assigned to a task force of federal and local officers investigating George Torres, Numero Uno supermarket magnate and an alleged drug kingpin. Im just drawing that conclusion based on all of the other collective information: the fact that Theresa, the girlfriend, confesses, she tells us that she had paid Poochie at the direction of Knight, [that] Poochie had an Impala that Knight had bought him, and then we have these other people that were in the inner circle, the other Death Row [Records staff]/gang members who all told us about this relationship that Suge had with Poochie. We were kind of bifurcated away from the civil investigation. With that crushing figure hanging over the city, almost simultaneously, Voletta Wallace filed a second lawsuit in the summer of 2006, and the order came down under then-Chief Bratton: Find Biggie Smalls' true killer. I think there was some influence there that caused him to point out that picture. And so were like, Okay, well this seems to be his kinda go-to guy when hes having these kind of problems. And so thats all the stuff thats discussed in the book, and it will compound the girls statement. Kading had properly handed his notebooks of interviews to the prosecution. Theresa Swann We found 31 records for Theresa Swann in PA, LA and 16 other states. | music at popturf", "Notorious B.I.G. He claimed that Combs "failed to fully cooperate with the investigation", and according to Poole, encouraged Bad Boy staff to do the same. Greg Kading: No, I dont believe that. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Now, in the pages of his potentially game-changing self-published book Murder Rap, set for release Oct. 4, former Los Angeles Police Department Detective Greg Kading reveals that LAPD has been sitting on extensive tapes and documents containing confessions from key players behind the alleged assassinations of Shakur and Smalls (Wallace). But the point is this, there may have been a guy there that was in the parking lot that matched the description of that person, but thats nothing like what Lil Cease sees and the other witnesses see of the person thats behind the wheel of the car. and Tupac Shakur from 2006-2009 as part of a joint L.A.P.D./federal task force that set out initially to solve the murder of Biggie Smalls in the wake of his mother Voletta Wallaces multi-million dollar lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles for allegedly covering up the fact that then on-duty L.A.P.D. This is not the first time a gangster has done business at this Beverly Hills office building. But, thats not how you conduct an investigation. Detective Says He Knows Who Killed The Notorious B.I.G. He says Swanns description confirmed and expanded on evidence his team gathered in their probe. The first thing he thought was, What the f*** are you going to be asking these questions for?, Suges defense was, I do not know what you are talking about.. He was 24 years old. DX: Speaking of that initial composite, even [for] the first composite Lil Cease describes someone in a suit and bow tie. So, Kenner shows up to talk to his client, Knight, he brings Swann with him, says, Yeah, shes my aid, and now it allows the two of them to sit down and talk, without any monitoring, without any overhearing and all of that. Speaking on the 25th anniversary of Biggie's death, Kading told The Sun: Suge indirectly told Poochie to kill Biggie through Swann. But it wouldn't last. In 2006, Wallace's mother, Voletta Wallace, his widow, Faith Evans, and his children T'yanna Jackson and Christopher Jordan "CJ" Wallace, filed a $400 million second wrongful death lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) alleging that corrupt officers were responsible for Wallace's death. No, I never got a chance to talk to Russ. Estate of Wallace v. City of Los Angeles, 229 F.R.D. (Knight would survive that night's shooting with a bullet wound to the head.). Blasts LAPD Over Autopsy Report", "Notorious B.I.G. According to that April 14, 2010, Internal Affairs report, reviewed by L.A. Weekly, Kading was not to blame for wrongdoing that caused Judge Wilson to overturn Torres' conviction. Teresa SwannWoodfin - Teresa Cynthia Sehion Swann, 45, passed away Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at her home.She was a daughter of Barry Sehion of Oteen and the late Linda Gail Martin.In addition to her Cause now she can go back and tell Suge, if she ever gets confronted with her cooperation, she can say, It wasnt me, Poochie already snitched us out.. Reach the writers at [emailprotected] and [emailprotected]. Previously, I worked in the legal field as a secretary/bookkeeper. We had very explicit orders that any developments regarding Mack, Perez or any other L.A.P.D. Fouse, a Mob Piru gang member and an associate of Knight, died on July 24, 2003, after being shot in the back while riding his motorcycle in Compton. We took her statement, it was reinforced with these other statements by these other insiders, and then the circumstantial evidence of the car, the money transfers, all of the things that happened [that] led us to believe that she was telling the truth. That article was later retracted by Times editors because it quoted FBI court documents that turned out to have been faked by a rap-scene gadfly. He says Swanns description confirmed and expanded on evidence his team gathered in their probe. It was definitely necessary to follow-up on it, but it wasnt enough to build a whole theory around. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. officers in your findings as having been part of the Biggie Smalls murder plot? The problem was we never got any. In Kading's Murder Rap, he paraphrases Swann as explaining why she believes the Death Row honcho ordered the kill: He was really mad about [Shakur's murder]. Both Baby Lane and Poochie implicated as the triggermen by the team's sources for the murders of Shakur and Smalls had been shot dead years ago, casualties of Crips-versus-Bloods battles set off by the celebrities' slayings. [21] In a correction article written by Philips in May 2000, Muhammad was quoted as saying, "I'm a mortgage broker, not a murderer" and asking, "How can something so completely false end up on the front page of a major newspaper? Two years later, Kading moved north, where he became a rising star at LAPD. All Im trying to say here is that, that I.D., the video I.D. By the time Kading had Swann in the hot seat, two other sources had pointed to Poochie (Fouse) as Smalls' probable killer. As a matter of fact, we did the exact opposite. DX: Now, I don't know if you can answer this question, but I do need to ask it: Is "Theresa Swann" actually former Death Row Records artist, and mother of Suge Knight's nine-year-old daughter,. We followed every viable lead that we had at the time and pushed it to the point where we needed something else to occur in order to move the case forward. Kading, who was assigned to the second investigation of Biggie's murder in 2006, claims to have received a confession from Theresa Swann (alias), the girlfriend and mother of one of Suge Knight . Well these two guys that were both talking to law enforcement about the same time This is one of the key mistakes that the L.A.P.D. And so when you have these guys and [theyre like], What did you see? Greg Kading: No, I dont, actually.