Want to Send us Your Own Artwork?

Even if you are used to supplying files for print, please take a moment to read this brief guide to ensure that your finished job prints in the way you intend it to.

We want your finished job to look great and by following these guidelines, you’ll help ensure that your job goes as smoothly as possible.

You can download these artwork submission guidelines in PDF format.

Artwork Setup

Your artwork should be set up at actual size (not scaled) using the CMYK document colour format. We request that artwork be supplied as a high resolution PDF file.

This is the standard file format for transmitting artwork for printing and it is important to prepare your file correctly before sending to us.

When you save, use the ‘High Quality Print‘ preset ensuring ‘Optimize for Fast Web View‘ is deselected.

If you wish to submit artwork not created in Adobe Creative Suite® we may be able to facilitate your request, but please contact us first.


Please ensure images are created at 300dpi, in CMYK format and are embedded within your artwork.

Use of RGB images is likely to bring unexpected results when printed.

Images and/or logos taken from the internet are unlikely to be suitable for print.


You can use any fonts that you have on your machine.

However, please ensure that you convert all fonts to outlines.

Bleed and Crop Marks

Please make sure there is a 5mm bleed around your artwork.

Trim and crop marks should be included.


When supplying your own artwork, you will still be sent a PDF proof before the job is finally sent to print.

Please note that we do not send your job to print until we receive your final approval.

Please note that due to monitor and print variances, it is likely that there will be some difference between how the colours appear on your screen and the final printed version.

Final Check List

  • Document colour format CMYK
  • Artwork resolution set to 300dpi
  • All images (where applicable) in CMYK
  • Images embedded into the artwork
  • All text converted to outlines
  • 5mm bleed on all sides
  • Minimum of 10mm safe area
  • Crop, trim and registration marks applied
  • File clearly marked with your order number
  • Saved as PDF using High Quality Print preset

Sending Your Files

We accept files via email up to around 20mb.

Please send your file(s) to info@bigcheques.com Should your file be larger than this – please contact us and we’ll help you get it to us.

Need More Help?

If you’re not sure about something it’s always best to ask first.

We’re a friendly bunch – so should you need help, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Please note all supplied artwork will be carefully checked for compatibility and for optimum print output. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your artwork has been created correctly and adheres to the guidelines contained herein. As such, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, mistakes or discrepancies found within any finished job created using artwork that has been supplied to us.