Cheques From Small to Extra Large – and they are BIG!

As the UK’s leading large cheque company, we offer a range of cheques sizes – from small right through to our incredible extra large presentation cheques.

We also offer a bespoke cheque size (with maximum dimensions of 3 metres x 1.5 metres!).

Please note: If you’re comparing our products to those offered by other online retailers, please do not be caught out by size names – we’ve seen some people selling a ‘XXL Cheque’ that isn’t much bigger than a sheet of A4 paper!

Size Guide

Please select the required size from the tabs below to see the full cheque size details:

Small Cheques Sizebig-cheques-size-guide-small
Small, yes… but perfectly formed!

Small cheques specifications:

Length: 80cm x Width: 45cm
Approx: Length: 31″ x Width: 18″

The image above shows a small cheque to scale against a 6ft man.

Medium Cheques Sizebig-cheques-size-guide-medium
Our medium-sized cheques are still a metre wide!

Medium cheques specifications:

Length: 100cm x Width: 60cm
Approx: Length: 39″ x Width: 24″

The image above shows a medium cheque to scale against a 6ft man.

Large Cheques Sizebig-cheques-size-guide-large
The perfect great value large cheque option!

Large cheques specifications:

Length: 120cm x Width: 70cm
Approx: Length: 47″ x Width: 27″

The image above shows a large cheque to scale against a 6ft man.

Extra Large Cheques Sizebig-cheques-size-guide-extra-large
Our Extra Large cheques will make a big impact!

Extra Large cheques specifications:

Length: 150cm x Width: 90cm
Approx: Length: 59″ x Width: 35″

The image above shows an extra large cheque to scale against a 6ft man.

Bespoke Cheque Sizes
We can create cheques of all shapes and sizes and are happy to advise on meeting your needs. We can provide a range of options and are happy to quote on individual projects.

You can have a custom-made cheque designed and printed in any size – from the actual size of a standard bank cheque (which is approximately 15.5cm in length x 7.5cm in height) right through to a maximum size of 2.5 metres in length x 1.5 metres wide!

Whatever you need and are looking to achieve, we can help deliver an eye-catching, impactful bespoke large cheques.

Please contact us with your individual requirements and we will be delighted to help.

All Cheque Sizes Comparison

Please find below all big cheque sizes for your comparison: