is the leading big cheque company in the UK.

Large cheques are a fantastic way to gain attention and get your message across for promotional and PR purposes.

Why Use Big Cheques?

With a big cheque, we find that our customers gain greater impact at their events when presenting a large cheque.

They say size matters – and it certainly does with presentation cheques.

Large cheques are a low-cost way to gain the most attention for your donation to your chosen charity or when making a very special presentation.

Rather than simply stuffing a boring little cheque in a brown envelope and letting the moment pass by, why not go all-in with a large presentation cheque?

With a big cheque, you can make a big impression and gain the attention the cheque recipient deserves.

PR Opportunities

Our experience suggests that the media love photographs featuring large cheques.

Photographs of charitable donations, awards and prizes really grab the attention of the press.

You can simply, quickly and economically generate publicity, gain exposure and interest with a big cheque.

Big Cheques Usage Examples

Here are a selection of the most popular usages for our great value presentation cheques:

  • Charity donations
  • Sales promotions
  • Special events
  • Staff presentations
  • Employee prizes
  • Special gifts
  • Business / personal awards
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Tournament / contest prizes
  • Instore displays

Whatever you may need a big cheque for, our top quality, great value cheques will really ensure you gain the attention you need.

Charity Cheques

We are regularly asked to create large printed cheques for charities and not for profit organisations.

It is important to acknowledge donations made to charity and large cheques give fantastic exposure to such donations. Get the publicity your organisation deserves for all your fundraising efforts.

Photographing Big Cheques

We know that the vast majority of our customers plan to use their large cheques for promotional and PR purposes and there are few better ways of gaining attention and press coverage than big cheques.

So getting your cheque in print will be pretty straight forward.

Should you choose a gloss laminated big cheque, the lamination can, in some circumstances, make the surface a little reflective.

We recommend tilting your large cheque slightly away from or down from the camera to avoid flash reflections, this is especially relevant when your photograph(s) are taken inside.