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Nowt So Queer as Folk!


At – the UK’s leading big cheque company – we’re used to unique requests so we thought we’d share a few of our recent favourites.

We are regularly asked to create bespoke cheques and along with, cheques for charities and large corporations, we’ve also created cheques that caught our eye proving there’s nowt so queer as folk!

Here are our top five recent favourites:

  • A large cheque made out in lieu of payment of a bet
  • A big cheque created in brail for a charity for the blind
  • A joke cheque written in Welsh for a non-Welsh-speaking recipient
  • Three large cheques to celebrate the 21st birthday of three triplets!
  • A supersize cheque to settle a long-overdue company invoice

Oh, and who could forget the cheque sent to a financial institution in the City of London, embarrassing it’s recipient who was pictured in drag!

So whatever you may be after, we’ve seen lots and are rarely surprised by what you could want and we promise to protect your identity when we compile our next list!

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